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Grace is defined as many things in the Bible. For the New Testament Believer it is all that God has done for us through Jesus in the past while Jesus was fulfilling His ministry on earth. Grace also includes what God is doing in the lives of people today. Grace is God’s unmerited favor towards us as His children. He is a Father who is for us, not against us. When we run into life issues we struggle with, He can intervene into the issue. He usually intervenes into the heart and life of the Believer. Grace is also God changing the heart of the Believer so they are empowered to face any and all life issues with new perspectives, new attitudes and the help of the Holy Spirit. We don’t live this life a part from God, rather influenced by God.


We have salvation through Jesus Christ who provided the supreme sacrifice for sin. We have divine healing for the sick provided in Jesus’ death. Jesus is coming back for those who have accepted Him. As believers we’re empowered by the Holy Spirit to live like we could not on our own.


Our desire for Grace is to cultivate an atmosphere where people feel welcomed, accepted, loved, and valued. We want to maintain a feeling of the small hometown church where everyone knows everyone and yet we want to continue to grow our family. Our desire is not however to become a mega church. We want to expand beyond our walls and as the right group of people come together who desire to go and start another church in the general area we want to resource them and send them out to fulfill their God given purpose in life.


Naturally, because we are a collection of diverse individuals, each of us has slightly different values regarding how we serve Christ. Yet certain commonly held key values unify our efforts. We can summarize our core values using the following 10 statements.

Our Core

Our Church’s Prayer
Father, We Desire to be a Family of Believer’s who expect that God, You will do through us abundantly more than we can even imagine. By Your Grace, we thank You for transforming our lives for Your Glory.